Western food, you can trust the best quality, taste and valuable. Lee Wan Hotel in the restaurant drinking tea, you can enjoy a fine value for money food. We use fresh ingredients to ensure that food, including soup, main course, dessert, coffee or tea. When the end of the day, where you can relieve yourself, you can celebrate, you can listen to music, eat, or just spend time with friends. Located on the 23rd floor of the restaurant, simple and bright design, leisure and elegant atmosphere, British elegance, exquisite French, Spanish-style leisure ... ... This is a club successful, and success of the platform. In with the world today and enjoy Western manners, has become your identity and the experience card.
Add: No.8, Mingzhu Plaza, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China.  Reservation (24 Hour) :0411-82123777   Email: cityclub2002@dlleewan.net
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