Lee Wan Hotel,which Officially opened in 2002, is a four star hotel. Since opening the hotel ,it has became green, the top ten star hotels in Dalian, Dalian tourism advanced unit, the people of Dalian satisfactory business services shop, China's best tourist city to create advanced units Honor in Dalian. The hotel is located in Dalian City Central Business District (CBD), land and air traffic control points most convenient to punctuation. From the train station, the sea passenger terminal, it only need 3 minutes by car. From Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport ,it only need 15 minutes by car. From the "Divine First Way" Shenyang-Dalian highway into Urban areas Shugang Road Terminal - Harbour Square, only 2 minutes.

227 superior rooms offer 14:00 Check-out service, which is only one in Dalian. The rooms are warm and comfortable. It is the only star hotel in Dalian, which rooms are equipped with clean Po (automatic Gongtong). Room is equipped with high-speed Internet access, VOD, satellite TV, IDD and other facilities. The third floor in the hotel, adhering to the tradition of Chinese cooking , cook every cuisine for you in exquisite cuisine . Four different styles of banquet hall can accommodate six tables to 60 tables, ranging from business meetings, private celebrations to recreational activities. "Water Spectacular" leisure sports centers explain the health and the fashion. Ding level club with drinking tea, restaurants, art galleries, meeting room, chess room, billiard room, wireless broadband network coverage, is the best place ,where we can drink tea and view, rest and talk with friends, enjoy the exotic cuisine and the best wines.

Hotels with "Land Business Class" Buick GL8 commercial vehicles, 3 sets of original Toyota Coaster and other vehicles used for business reception. At the same time the hotel is equipped with a full-time Japanese and Korean translator. By the end of 2009, Lee Wan Hotel lobby, guest rooms, Chinese food, Western food, sauna and other parts were completely renovated, interpretation of the "natural, warm, peaceful," the Lee Wan Environmental Aesthetics
Add: No.8, Mingzhu Plaza, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China.  Reservation (24 Hour) :0411-82123777   Email: cityclub2002@dlleewan.net
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